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Does Caring for Elderly Parents Affect Your Health?

By Bob Kohut The burden of caring for elderly parents is something that will one day confront almost all of us. Not only that, it is a burden that will be born for a potentially very long time as more and more of the elderly are living longer and longer. Today, seniors’ reaching the age…
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Geriatric Massage – Physical and Emotional Well Being For the Elderly

by John Barett Geriatric massage, which utilizes the same basic techniques as traditional massage therapy, was especially designed for the elderly and their unique needs. This type of massage includes the gentle massage of soft tissues (and sometimes passive or active manipulation of the joints), proven to improve circulation and increase flexibility. Massage therapy for…
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How to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare Or Medicaid

Finding a doctor who accepts Medicare or Medicaid is not hard to find but you need to call around and check who accepts it. Because of restrictions some doctors do not accept it anymore. It is crucial that you have a physician that will accept your insurance or it may cost you a lot of…
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