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A Guide to Celebrating Father’s Day with Alzheimers

Holidays of any kind can be a difficult time for a family living with Alzheimer’s disease, or any memory loss issues. Father’s Day is no exception. No one wants to ignore the special day, or the love they still feel for their Dad. Yet we’re mindful not to cause any additional anxiety or distress. And…
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Father’s Day: A Gift of Heartfelt Thoughts

 Blog by Joy Loverde Call me a daddy’s girl. My father died over fifteen years ago and I still grieve his loss. He was a “character” and someone you never forgot once you met him. He had many friends and they tell me they miss him every bit as much as I do. With Father’s…
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Selecting a Father's Day Gift For a Senior Dad

By Eleanor Strickland Your father is now a senior citizen, Father's Day is on the horizon and you need to find a gift for dad. These are a few suggestions: Don't give him ties, shirts, pants, robes, coats, jackets, suits, belts, hats, pajamas, slippers or shoes. Sure, his clothes may be worn and out-of-style but…
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