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Hey Seniors: Are You Benefitting from Exercise?

  Hey fellow seniors, are you feeling sluggish? Are you tired of your muscles and joints aching for no apparent reason? [caption id="attachment_2381" align="alignright" width="300"] senior help, elderly assistance[/caption] If so, perhaps it’s time to turn up the activity meter on your life. This may sound counter intuitive, but science has shown that if you…
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What Joy Loverde wants you to know about getting your parents to exercise

by Joy Loverde Mom and her husband, Bill lived in Florida, far away from family for twenty years. Their typical weekly routine went something like this… Upon waking, immediately turn on the television in the living room, make breakfast (cereal for Bill, coffee and donuts for Mom), sit in front of the television and eat…
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Rebounding for the Elderly

Exercise is important at any age. It keeps the body fit and able to fight disease. It helps you process the nutritional benefits of the foods you eat. It stimulates the mind and body for greater energy and awareness. As we age, however, the exercises we do need to fit our changing conditions. Elderly people…
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