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Aging Parents: Consider Senior Housing Options Before a Crisis

by: Leslee Jaquette The old, two-story bungalow was perfect 30 years ago; but over the years it has become too quiet, too big and too dangerous for your favorite 80-year-old to navigate. In addition, mom's heart condition sometimes makes her dizzy, she doesn't cook anymore and she readily admits that driving the old Chrysler wears…
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Seniors are Cane-Fu Fighting

It's no secret that aging makes us, and especially seniors more vulnerable. But, I smiled to hear about a new trend that's sure to make aggressors who take on the elderly as targets back off, at least a little. It's called "Cane-Fu" and apparently it's catching on across the country, poking at the theory that…
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Where’s Your Caregiving Self-Respect?

It is beyond my comprehension why people who care for elderly parents and others would allow anyone to say something badly about them to someone else or to their face. Senior elder care is hard work, and NO ONE deserves to be treated unkindly by anyone, at anytime. As an elder care consultant and caregiver…
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