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The at Home Blood Pressure Kit

High blood pressure is an epidemic health problem the world over. The statistics for the year 2007 included an approximate count of 1 billion people the world over who suffer from this condition. Of the 1 billion, the US is home to 73.6 million of these people. Like heart disease, high blood pressure is sometimes…
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Ease the Stress of Caring For an Aging Parent

It's hard enough managing the to-do's in our own lives. Add to that the responsibility of in home care - managing every aspect of someone else's life too - and it can be overwhelming. Yet that is exactly what millions of people do each year providing senior services for their aging parents, and it is…
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Caring for elderly – An Overview

Caring for elderly loved ones-who are these older folks? As one caring for elderly loved ones, have you noticed that the elderly population is growing?   The projections for those who will be caring for the elderly are somewhat astounding. The Administration on Aging: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' A Profile of Older Americans:2007…
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