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Care of the Elderly – Independence in the Golden Years

By Sian P Wilson Research has proven that for those individuals suffering from an illness or disability, that living in the comfort and familiar environment of their homes can contribute significantly to their physical and mental well being and rates of recovery. As modern society is progressing to an hourglass formation of population distribution, whereby…
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Forgiveness and Practicing Peace on Earth Part II

by Joy Loverde Everyday life offers myriad opportunities to practice the art of forgiveness. For example, next time the store clerk shoots you a dirty look or a driver cuts you off in traffic, forgive her and him on the spot. You might say to yourself, “She’s having a bad day, let it go,” or…
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Caregivers do you hear what I hear?

Each time I dial my elderly friend's telephone number, I take a deep breath in anticipation of what will predictably turn into a thirty-minute one-sided conversation - her side. Having lived 86 years, Bess has a lot on her mind and much to say. From neighborhood gossip and leaky faucets to graphic descriptions of her…
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