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Kids Breathe Life into Assisted Living Facilities

by Christy Cuellar-Wentz "Shhhh!"  My Grandma June looked at me fiercely, finger to her lips, ordering me to quiet my little ones.  She seemed to think there was just too much noise and general liveliness going on at her assisted living facility that day.  Never mind that televisions from adjoining rooms were creating a great…
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Mobility Joggers for Outdoor Senior Living

My grandfather loved the outdoors, and missed his excursions when he moved into an assisted living facility.  Although he was initially satisfied with his choice to be there, he eventually became unhappy.  The staff was caring and attentive, and helped him with short outings whenever possible, but couldn't take him out into the beautiful, wild…
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Are Small Senior Care Homes the Right Choice?

If your parent would be overwhelmed by a large assisted living facility that looks like a 5 star hotel, perhaps a small senior care home would be a better fit. Small Senior Care Home Advantages Intimate, home-like atmosphere Better caregiver to resident ratio when compared to a large assisted living facility allowing for more personal…
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