Preventing Elderly Fraud


As a caregiver I viewed this incident as an opportunity to discuss the cons pulled on seniors living independently. I began looking for ways that caregivers assisting seniors might help prevent or stop any attempts of fraud.

Consumer Fraud Against Elderly Victims offers some good tips for assisting seniors to avoid fraud. I found helpful advise from Fraud Against the Elderly, Fraud Target: Senior Citizens, Home Repair Scams, Scams and Stop Senior Scams.

Caregivers should help those in assisted living or living independently understand they should never let a stranger into their home. If someone looking like a city worker or utility worker arrives unannounced and asks for entry, they should ask them to wait outside and call their company to vouch for them. The conclusion my family came to was if they have any doubt, or could not find a number to call; they could call on family, neighbor or the police for some well needed senior assistance.

Caregivers can gently remind those we are providing care for in the home that during these economic hard times there are predators who might take advantage of them. Our family discussion helped to empower us all and become informed advocates. We certainly don’t want to live in fear, but we must understand the times we live in and how we can best protect those we are caring for in the home.

I remember the helpless feeling I had as a caregiver when my Mom told me about the stranger at her door. I was frightened when I realized how vulnerable my parents could be. But as a result of this incident, I felt better about them living independently after we investigated the many ways they could avoid fraud if it comes knocking on their door.

Have you experienced a similar situation during parent care? Do you have any caregiving tips you could share? Please share your comments below.

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