The Facts About Senior Day Care


senior day careSenior Day Care is a term that almost everyone is familiar with today, but I recall when the whole concept was new.  I first learned about senior day care services when a friend was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  As his Alzheimer's progressed, his family began investigating the different types of Senior Day Care's in the area so they could get some occasional respite.  I recall them sharing that just like any other business; they found some really nice senior day care facilities, some extremely expensive and some downright lousy no matter what the price was.  They told me that price was not the determining factor of how nice the facilities were. Some were rather expensive, but they also found a few free county programs that were equally as nice.

What is Senior Day Care?

Senior day cares are supervised programs for older individuals who need supervision during the day. Some families use the programs for respite and others are able to continue to work, run errands or attend to their own health needs as the senior day care provides a safe environment while they are away.   Senior day care also provides older adults in need of care a place to socialize with others and have fun.

How to Find Senior Day Care?

The National Adult Day Services Association NADSA offers the following advice when looking for Senior Day Care.

1 - Determine your needs
What specific senior day care services do you feel are important to your loved one?

2- Find adult senior care centers

3 -Identify services in your area.
Call senior day care centers and ask them to send information about their center.  I

4 - Ask the right questions -

They suggest that you find out who the owner is, years of operation, license or certification, hours of operation, transportation, costs, financial assistance, type of clients they accept, credentials, number of staff, activities provided and their menu.

5 - Pay a visit
After reviewing materials you make an appointment to visit the senior day care.

6 - Check references
This goes without saying, but it is vital to check on the references and credentials of the senior day care.

When our friends did find their Dad's senior day care, they knew it was the place for him.   At first he only attended once a week, but as his Alzheimer's progressed, so did his desire to attend.  They began dropping him off more and more till he was attending five days a week.  They shared that he enjoyed the daily sing-along program and that he got to know some of the other clients there and looked forward to seeing them. It met his needs and allowed  his family some much needed respite.

-- Mary Nix