The Assisted Living Solution For Seniors


As we age, the tasks associated with daily living become more onerous. This has resulted in the creation of a variety of living options for seniors that reduce some of that burden. Assisted living is one such option, one that is becoming very popular these days.  Assisted Living

Assisted living is a form of senior accommodation that occurs in a community for seniors. The community can be smaller, but larger ones are springing up throughout popular destinations like Florida and California. These communities are unique in that they provide seniors with plenty of autonomy, but also with just enough assistance to make daily living easier.

The key to the process are "ADLs", an important acronym in the senior living industry. ADL stands for "activities of daily living." They include the rather basic, but humdrum, tasks of daily life including preparing meals, doing housekeeping, bathing and so on. Until recently, seniors where either charged with taking care of themselves on their own or moving into a nursing home which limited their autonomy. Then assisted living came along.

Assisted living is designed to fill the gap between independent living and a nursing home. It does this by providing the senior with a couple meals a day, handling all housekeeping and laundry obligations and assisting one with medications. Seniors are free to leave the premises as they wish, to wit, it is not an all encompassing living arrangement like one finds with a nursing home.

Just as it is important to understand what assisted living has to offer, it is equally important that you understand what it does not. The biggest issue is usually medical care. An assisted living facility does not provide it. There is a nurse that will be in charge of a group of seniors, but it is passive assistance. The senior, for instance, usually has to ask for help with something. If there is a health problem or emergency, that person will be transferred to hospital or another facility where medical care is more comprehensive.

At the end of the day, assisted living is very popular because it takes care of the annoying daily tasks one has to deal with, but does so without taking away a person's autonomy. For most seniors, that is a perfect solution when it comes to living arrangements.

--Dwayne Gibson

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