Parent Care: Remodeling for Changing Needs


Whether your parent stays in his own home or moves in with you, remodeling to support your parent care efforts may be needed.  parent care, senior care

More and more individuals are saying that they would like to remain in their own homes as they age.  Home modifications that support senior care needs will help your parent remain at home.  Universal design allows access for persons with all levels of ability.

Plan for possible senior care needs

The cost of remodeling means you need to take a long term view of the changes you need to make as they relate to your parent care responsibilities.  Take the time to consider all the possible long term senior care outcomes.  At some point, your parent may need wheel chair access or help with bathing. What modifications are needed to support this type of senior care?

Many people have the misconception that universal design makes your home look like a hospital.  Using universal design principles doesn't mean just layering on senior care tools like grab bars, it means removing barriers to access.  Universal design is attractive and functional for everyone not just families providing parent care.

Paying for parent care remodeling costs

If your parent will be contributing to the cost of the senior care remodel in your home and it reduces the size of your parent's estate, it may create resentment among siblings or other beneficiaries of your parent's estate.  Talking through these issues now means identifying an equitable solution.

If your parent will be remodeling their own home, they may pay for the cost of senior care improvements with savings or a reverse mortgage.  The whole family should understand the financial impact of remodeling for senior care will have on your parent's estate.

Work with an aging in place and universal design remodeling expert

Deciding where your parent would like to live out their life should be part of their retirement planning.  Any property purchased for retirement living or remodeling plans should take a long term senior care perspective and set the stage for future adaptations. Working with a universal design expert will help you address all these issues.

Have you remodeled or helped your parent remodel as part of your senior care strategy?  What advice do you have for other families?

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-- Janice Wallace