Recap of Kaye Swain's Posts from 2013


Kaye Swain writes for EldercareABC each month, and we wanted to share a recap of her excellent posts from 2013.  Here they are in case you missed any or simply wanted to revisit them again.

Helping Your Elderly Parent Use a New Remote Control

In this post, Kaye shared her wisdom and experience on finding a senior friendly remote control for television viewing.

Househunting Challenges When Elderly Parents Live With You

Kaye and her Mom recently moved to a new home, but it is not always as easy to move with your elderly parent.  Read along as Kaye offer’s some great tips that help you move forward if you are also in the position of relocating.

Is Your Senior Parent Downsizing? Tips To Help Them Through This Emotional Process!

Kaye writes: Moving is never easy and that's especially true for our elderly senior parents. But as with all other facets of caregiving, when we are able to be actively involved in encouraging them and helping them alone this pathway, it will make it more comfortable for them in the long run.

Toilet Talk For Caregivers

As our elderly parents continue to age, many discover new things daily that are harder to do. Whether it’s because of a big health issue and surgery or just the day to day progress of arthritis, it can be frustrating. And that’s definitely true when it comes to toilets.

Tips To Help Multigenerational Caregivers Stay Comfortable Temperature-Wise

I remember 30 years ago when my mom was the caregiver for her parents. My grandfather had reached a point in his life when he was always cold. My mom was so wonderfully patient and long-suffering. She would go over for hours to help them, while roasting to death because they routinely kept their house at about 80+ all year round.


Extreme Weather Tips for Eldercaregivers

Weather is in the news! On our TVs, in our radios, and on our phones as we check on loved ones during nasty storms. This is especially true for those of us caring for our aging parents. It seems like just yesterday we were following up on ice and snow storms and now it's already time to check on heat-related issues and hurricanes or tornadoes - or both!  What's a caregiver to do? Especially considering that our senior parents are so much more susceptible to temperatures that are too high or too low.


6 Tips To Remove Some of the Stress From A Stress Test

Stress tests! Just thinking about taking one can cause our senior parents to "stress out" over what is coming. That definitely happened to my senior mom. But the appointment was scheduled (way too early in the morning, she thought - another stress), the list of medications she couldn't take before the test was pasted on her mirror, and reminders to not drink or eat after midnight were taped to the bathroom and kitchen sink handles as well as the door to the refrigerator. We've found that to be a simple way to prevent accidentally forgetting procedure rules in the middle of the night - for both of us.


Asking Our Elderly Parents for Help Can Be a Huge Gift to Them

Kaye writes a great post on making sure your parent still feels needed.  I was reminded of this recently when chatting with other caregivers and realized I needed to be more proactive at finding ways to engage my senior mom with helping me, even if I didn’t necessarily “need” it. This is something she truly desires and something my independent self tends to forget!

EldercareABC would like to thank Kaye for all her excellent and informative posts throughout 2013.