Are You Looking for Simple Aging in Place Options For Elderly Parents?


Door knob with deadbolt and lever for easier aging in place optionBy Kaye Swain

Door handles. Simple things. You wouldn't think they'd be that important, would you? Unless your elderly mom has limited range of motion in her hands due to arthritis or in her arm due to taking a tumble or just in general due to growing weaker as she ages. My family has dealt with all those issues and more. Perhaps you have too.

When an elderly senior has any of those issues, a traditional door knob can actually be very difficult to open. The twisting and the turning can create exquisite pain for some. For others, it may not hurt but they just can't manage it very well. It's frustrating and even can be a bit embarrassing for them as it points out, once again, that they are getting older and can't do the things they used to do with ease.

One simple help we can provide them in their homes or if they are living in their own homes is swap out any hard-to-maneuver door knobs for easier lever door knobs that are highly recommended as good for aging in place options.

With levers, they only have to push down (or up). No twisting or turning is required on their parts. And voila, the door opens easily and they get to retain some of their treasured independence.

When you are caring for elderly parents at home or with you, providing simple aging in place options like lever door knobs (these are available for inside and outside doors) can be a big morale boost and physical help for them, make life easier for you, and can even be useful for other family members as well. Talk about a win-win-win.