What Joy Loverde wants you to know about YouTube and Your Aging Parents


by Joy Loverde

Time and know how. These are the coveted resources of family caregivers who are overseeing the care of aging parents and loved ones. Unfortunately, too often there is not enough of these resources to go around. But now all that’s changed. Got a caregiver question? Think YouTube!

Several years ago, the only way I could get expert advice on a specific parent-care issue was to pick up the phone and make a call. I waited patiently for dieticians, nurses, social workers and others to return my call. When I had financial and legal questions, it took days for my financial planner and elder law attorney to get back to me (and possibly charge me for the phone consultation). When I needed information on home repairs for my Mom’s house I waited forever for my handyman to get back to me. When my smart phone acted up, it required a special trip to the Apple store.

Happy to say those days are gone.

Experts and everyday people generously share their knowledge and expertise on YouTube. And YouTube works great as a resource if general information about a special topic is what you are seeking.

Another advantage of the YouTube “hands-on” experience is the obstacle of people talking too fast and giving “over-my-head” instructions. With YouTube I overcome these obstacles by stopping and rewinding the video until I feel confident enough to move on. YouTube is the ultimate people-friendly learning environment. It’s also easy for me to share information with other members of my family.

Finally, I am extremely pleased with the fact that I can access YouTube videos from my phone. Information at my fingertips is an invaluable time saver. My next step is to figure out how to access YouTube from my television. But that’s a project for another day.