Top Ten 2009 EldercareABC Posts by Joy Loverde


by Joy Loverde

  1. There is No Such Thing as Role Reversal
    Will there ever come a day when I read the blogs and articles about caring for aging parents when someone caring for aging parents, caregiver advice, Joy Loverdedoes not caring for eldelry, caregiver supportmake the statement “parenting your parents?” And will there come a time when people stop making reference to the term “role reversal?”
  2. We Don’t Choose Elder Care; Elder Care Chooses Us
    As I began to outline my book, The Complete Eldercare Planner over thirty years ago, I wrote the following words in a journal I was keeping at The Complete Eldercare Planner, Joy Laverde, eldercare chooses youthe time — we don’t choose elder care; elder care chooses us. Today that to-the-point phrase has never been truer.
  3. Where’s Your Caregiving Self-Respect?
    It is beyond my comprehension why people who care for elderly parents and others would allow anyone to say something badly about them to caregiving, elder help, caregiving, self-respect someone else or to their face. Senior elder care is hard work, and NO ONE deserves to be treated unkindly by anyone, at anytime.
  4. Caregivers do you hear what I hear?
    Each time I dial my elderly friend’s telephone number, I take a deep breath in anticipation of what will predictably turn into a thirty-minute one-sided conversation – her side.
  5. Eldercare Memory Bank Load Up Now
    What’s better? Inheriting money from a rich relative or doing something special today with someone you love. Personally, I pick the “doing” Enjoying_the_Sunshine, caregiving, eldercare every time.
  6. Lets Put an End To Sitting Home Alone
    You know the type. No senior care for these older adults. Elderly people who are busy and active maintaining friendships, participating in hobbies and sports, and having no problem at all getting around on their own.
  7. Does your aging parent expect you to jump through hoops?
    I received an email from a caregiver who complained that her elderly mother expected to be waited on hand and foot.
  8. Eldercare and Quieting the Storm of Anger
    Let’s say your elderly Mom fell on the steps and kept it a secret for three months because she “didn’t want to bother eldercare, relationshipsyou.” Or conversations with Dad escalate into shouting matches on a regular basis.
  9. Love the elderly, love their pet
    You better be nice to Fluffy and Fido.  Your aging parents’ pets may play more of an important role in their lives than you think.
  10. Paid for Family Caregiving? What a concept.
    After my father died, my sister and I were left holding the bag as to what to do with his belongings, as well as having the responsibility of tying up eldercare, elder care, caregiving, paid for family caregiving loose ends.