Shopping for a Medic-Alert System? Joy Loverde says start here.


by Joy Loverde

shopping for eldercare productsI learned a while back that I can save a lot of time, money, and aggravation by asking people I trust to give me advice when it comes to buying stuff.

For example, when I was in the market for a smart phone, I asked my geek friend to guide me. In 10-minutes he explained the pros and cons of Blackberry vs. iPhone. I went with his recommendation and have never looked back. When it comes to gift suggestions, my sister is the go-to person and tells me like it is. She’s a time-saver beyond.

So imagine my delight when Tony Rovere, owner and webmaster of reached out to me. His website is a tribute to his parents and other members of their generation.  Facing his mother’s heart attack thrust him in the role as family caregiver, and what he learned along the way he passionately shares with the rest of us.

I particularly like the knowledge and insights he gained in the process of purchasing a medic-alert system for his parents. His experience is invaluable and a video he created and posted on his website offers tips and guidelines.  If you are looking to buy a medic-alert system, check out Tony’s video:

As a hands-on family caregiver, Tony offers other buying tips as well. When he was looking for affordable dentures for his Dad and navigating the Medicaid process after Mom’s heart attack, he realized his experiences would benefit not only the care receiver but family caregivers as well.

You can contact Tony here or Skype ID: tony.rovere

I hope you enjoy his  website, and get the information that you need while saving a lot of time. Thanks again, Tony.