Presto! You’re Connected.


by Joy Loverde

There are several people in my immediate family (who shall remain nameless) who absolutely refuse to have anythingcaregiving, eldercare, senior help to do with a computer. These people range in age from forty-something to eighty years old. And while I am not one to pass judgment on whether or not they should reconsider their choice and join the rest of us in cyberspace, the fact remains they are out of the loop with the rest of the family (including loved ones who live overseas) who are into Skype, e-mail, text messages, e-vites, photo sharing, social media, and much more.

I’m done pleading with these non-computer users. I have long since stopped bothering to engage them in conversations about buying a computer that goes nowhere. Sadly, when there’s something to be shared, I forget to include them. I do not mail photographs and invitations to them (my photos live on the Internet), I don’t make the effort to pick up the phone and tell them the latest family news, and invitations to family gatherings are left on voice mail devices. (Several of these people even refuse voice mail systems).

When I heard about Presto ( I was hopeful that the situation could change. And I was right.  Presto sends e-mails without a computer. Plug the printing mailbox into any electric outlet to receive e-mail, digital photos, invitations, subscriptions to newsletters, and more.

“Tis the season to connect. As someone whose family is staying connected with Presto, I know firsthand how much of an impact Presto can make in the life of a loved one, especially grandparents and grandchildren. This holiday season, I invite you to consider this gift with others who you think might benefit from a better way to communicate with a family member or friend who isn't online.

Now, through December 31, 2009, you can receive a FREE Presto Printing Mailbox when you sign up for one year of Presto Mail service. Just call (800) 919-3199 and tell the agent you are using code HOLIDAYREFERRAL to receive the free Printing Mailbox.

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