Moving an Aging Parent from Long-Distance – Part IV


by Joy Loverde

Even though we’re early in the process, the stress of moving is already starting to hit my Mom and Bill big time. Since the decision to sell the house in Florida and move back to Chicago was made final only two weeks ago, Bill has become more forgetful, so much so that it appears that he is letting down his guard and giving up the tough-guy image of having it all together. And, if he continues this downward spiral, Mom will have to do 100% of the work on her end to get them moved. I’m not looking forward to that since she’s already on overload emotionally.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I did my homework over the Internet and found three highly qualified real estate agents in the local neighborhood; then sent their contact information to Mom and Bill. Mom picked up the phone immediately and called my number-one choice. The agent responded immediately (I liked that), and right then and there an appointment was made for her to stop by the following day.

So, the next day, I waited and waited for the phone to ring – looking forward to hearing how the initial meeting went. I could hear the glee in my Mom’s voice. “She’s wonderful! And Bill liked her, too!!!” I was nothing less than relieved.  Mom told the agent all about me and how I had found her on the Internet. Somehow I just knew by reading between the lines of her bio that Sharon Kerr (Coldwell Banker real estate agent from the Port Charlotte, Florida office) would soon become my new best friend as well as someone who would be sensitive and caring with Mom and Bill. She’s all that, and more.

This morning, Sharon and I spoke for the first time over the phone – professional, smart and perfectly suited for her career, I feel more confident, and looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Sharon is dropping legal documents off at my Mom’s place this weekend, and she’s emailing me copies for my review. Now the real work begins.

At the same time, the move is now becoming more real for Mom and Bill. I sure hope they can hang in there.