Moving a Parent Long Distance Blog Summary – Part 2


By Joy Loverde

Mom and Bill’s long-distance move from Florida to Chicago taught me numerous invaluable family-caregiving lessons which I wrote about in twenty-four blogs. I’d like to share with you the highlights of what I learned in the hopes that you can bypass some of the unexpected twists and turns of the aging parent relocation process.

  • When tensions arise between you and your parents during the move process, be aware that feeling like a failure may be one of the underlying reasons why they are extremely moody and difficult to get along with at any given moment.
  • As much as you would like the move process to be over and done with in the shortest amount of time possible, taking it slow and easy is a better approach giving everyone involved enough time to make necessary emotional adjustments.
  • The real estate agent is the key person in the long-distance move process. Choose someone you feel will become a “member of the family” and is willing to be your eyes and ears throughout the entire process.  Review the Long-distance Move Blog - Part III for the important questions to ask in the interview process.
  • The real estate agent should be someone who works full-time in the business and has achieved a high sales ranking. Conduct a Google search to be sure he/she has an excellent reputation.
  • Don’t let it surprise you if your parents call and tell you they’ve changed their minds about the move. The process of selling a house and packing up may be so overwhelming that they can’t get past the first hurdle. Assure them that over time the tasks will be completed and they will soon be on their way.
  • Be prepared to hop on a plane or drive long distance at any moment if it means being there in person with your parents to calm the waters.

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  2. We had an easier time as the process was done in stages over several years (My dad first sold the house and moved to local assisted living in Florida and later moved to Denver to be nearer family) I would only add that reaching out to whatever professional help (such as senior moving specialists) are within reach financially helped us focus on the things only we could do like accompanying my dad on the actual travel portion of the journey. I blog about this at Inside Aging Parent Care
  3. Working with a senior move manager really helps make a difference for both the parents and adult children. You can learn more about this new industry by going to our national association website: There are also many resources on the site to help people who want to handle the move themselves.

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