Medical Files at your Fingertips


by Joy Loverde

If you have not already been in an emergency and/or non-emergency medical eldercare situation where doctors and nurses are demanding answers to zillions of questions regarding your aging parents’ medical and medication history, there’s still time to save your sanity.

Ann Blanchard, President of HandiRecords was inspired to create a business to make life easier when her parents came to live near her in Chicago. As newly designated family caregiver of her parents medical and business information, she created HandiRecords to keep herself organized. Ann left a 20-year career in corporate Human Resources to start Blanchard Enterprises.  The mission for Blanchard Enterprises is to offer reasonably priced products to help family caregivers live better lives.

HandiRecords contains critical medical information including:
• Allergies
• Emergency Contact Information
• Medications
• Supplements
• Hospitalizations
• Treatments
• Medical Tests
• Doctors’ Contact Information
• Doctors’ Appointments
• Daily Record

There’s also a CardHolder available to store doctors' business cards, insurance cards, and prescription refill information.

And if you really want to have fun with HandiRecords, you can purchase a *Bling* version of HandiRecords, which comes with a plain white cover and a clear plastic holder. It’s easy to personalize and embellish the cover with ribbon, beads, buttons, bows, stickers, and crystals. Grandchildren will love the idea of decorating and creating a one-of-a-kind HandiRecords for Gramma.  *Bling* Your Own HandiRecords makes a great personalized gift for parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

Also, Blanchard Enterprises supports breast cancer research and will donate $1.00 for each HandiRecords Pink sold to organizations including: Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Breast Cancer Network of Strength, and Young Survival Coalition.

What they say about HandiRecords...

“It's awesome. I think everyone should have one. I'm an RN working with an Alzheimer's support group and I like the conciseness and efficiency of it.”    Pamela R. TX

“I really like my HandiRecords. I bought it to use for my 2 year old who is autistic and has a lot of specialists.” Laura V., MN

“I ordered one of these for myself and loved it. I am ordering more for gifts. I'm a 'senior' citizen and am giving them to friends.”  Paula K., TX