Joy Loverde asks what really matters?


By Joy Loverde

PeggyOut of the blue, I got an email saying I was about to receive a package. Sounds interesting I told myself. And sure enough a few days later a book and audio CD arrived in the mail.


Peggy. That was all it said on the CD. The book was titled, “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being.”  I was curious. The first thing I did was insert the CD into my computer; and then piano music filled the air. Sweet, peaceful sounds. It was a calming experience and I was immediately grateful that someone would think so highly of me to send me this gift of music.


But who is this Peggy person? I opened the book. Born in England in 1924, Peggy Webb came from a humble background. She never knew her father and the family struggled with poverty and the bombings of enemy war planes.

Perhaps as a way to survive, Peggy discovered her musical gift at the age of eight. Call it a spiritual gift from above, Peggy can play more than 10,000 songs flawlessly on demand, and with such emotion and feeling it makes many shed tears.

Today, Peggy devotes her life to sharing her musical gift to the world, and she has no intention of letting up. According to her son, Budd, Peggy’s favorite saying is, “Somebody up there likes me.”


And I’m sure that you will too. Here is a clip of Peggy on YouTube.


If you are interested in arranging an interview with Peggy, or would like to hire her to perform, get in touch with her son, Budd: or call 630-393-1545

One final word… the title of this blog, “What really matters?” begs all of us to pay attention to the gifts we have been given and suggests that we never stop sharing our talents to make life better for others for as long as we shall live.