Going Shopping? Joy Loverde advises you to demand respect


By Joy Loverde

Dignity and respectBoomer women listen up! We make up 85% of global spending and that alone makes us VIPs when it comes to companies that are trying to sell us stuff.

If you have a moment, please check out the interview I recently conducted with an innovative company called Remodista.  Kelly Stickel, Founder and President of Remodista is behind the effort to educate marketers on what it takes to treat consumers of all ages with respect and dignity.

When we decide to make a purchase, the decision is not made lightly. At this stage in life, parting with the almighty dollar means that we will give up the opportunity to buy something somewhere else. The possibility of living a long life means spending wisely so the money doesn’t run out.

Do you get that sales people??? Do you fully understand that we are not messing around when we go shopping? We are there to buy. Plain and simple. And when the experience of shopping with you is unfulfilling, we walk out the door without buying anything and don’t look back and… we may be gone forever.

In the meantime, don’t think for a minute that when you are conducting a transaction with us that your language is not important. Who came up with “No problem” and “No worries?” And how about a sincere, “Thank you for your purchase” when you hand back our change or credit card? If we ask you where something is you will be smart to walk us to the aisle and, if the item is small enough, pick it up and hand it to us. It’s called customer service, ladies and gentlemen.

By now, boomer men and women have weathered quite a few storms in their life – aging parents, illness, dwindling funds, job demands – and companies that focus on gaining the respect of this particular consumer will win out every time.

Thank you, Remodista  for educating executives and thought leaders on the importance of service excellence.