EldercareABC – 2013 Posts from Joy Loverde


Joy Loverde and her mother, AlbaJoy Loverde has a regular column here at EldercareABC and we wanted to take a look back at her excellent posts from 2013. Please take a look and make sure you haven’t missed any of these throughout the year.

Does “hope” play a role in the family caregiving process?

Hope comes into play when things are not going very well and when circumstances are dire and we’re uncertain how things will turn out. One psychologist suggests that hopeful people are “like the little engine that could because they keep telling themselves “I think I can, I think I can.” And then there’s “false hope” based entirely on the fantasy of an extremely unlikely outcome.


Joy Loverde Asks What Really Matters

Peggy Webb came from a humble background. She never knew her father and the family struggled with poverty and the bombings of enemy war planes.

Perhaps as a way to survive, Peggy discovered her musical gift at the age of eight. Call it a spiritual gift from above, Peggy can play more than 10,000 songs flawlessly on demand, and with such emotion and feeling it makes many shed tears. Read more to meet this wonderful woman.

Moving A Reluctant Parent – Part 13

A continuing story that highlights Joy’s dear aunt’s story as she respectfully remains supportive of her aunt’s independence. This is part thirteen that shares the phases they have gone through together.


Joy Loverde says get out of the senior-living business.

An excellent insight into who should and should not participate in the Eldercare business.  Here is a quick recap: I am waging a war on job attitude. Not everyone thrives in a customer-facing role. (And yes, yesterday I was a customer.). If you are not a 100% people-person, do us all a favor and leave the business altogether.

Shopping for a Medic Alert System

Joy shares details of a great medical alert system she has found at Tony Rovere, owner and webmaster of StuffSeniorsNeed.com.


Treat Your Parents Well, or Get Sued?

I knew it was simply a matter of time before the tables were turned. Just as adults are required by law to be the guard dogs of dependent children, China is leading the pack with new laws requiring emotional support for aging parents, or risk getting sued

What Joy Loverde wants you to know about getting your parents to exercise

It’s never too late to get started talking about getting parents into an exercise routine. Anything they do regarding their workout is better than nothing. Today, Mom is 87 years old and stronger than ever. I sincerely hope you stop at nothing to get your parents up and moving.

American Airlines Treat Your Elders Well

I travel around the world on a regular basis, and in all other countries the elders are treated with dignity and respect. American Airlines, why don’t you consider sensitivity training for agents who work in the boarding area?

Father’s Day: A Gift of Heartfelt Thoughts

With Father’s Day upon us, think of this day as a time to remember heartfelt moments. Better yet, put your thoughts in writing.

Living in the future.

I’ve had a heck of a week. I’ve been struggling with the death of people around me. People I love dearly. People I can’t imagine living without. Fact is they did not die. They are alive and well. It’s me projecting into the future and making myself feel sick to my stomach.

Need Senior Housing? Who you gonna call?

Lately there’s been a lot of controversy regarding senior-housing referral websites and financial kickbacks through high-commissioned care providers’ communities.  When Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted-living Communities, and Nursing Homes pay web owners to send prospective residents their way, it begs an answer to the question, how much can you trust people who are getting paid to endorse their communities?

Cashing in: You and Your Aging Parents

So here’s an idea for you to consider if you’re looking to increase cash-on-hand. If you and/or your parents are interested in selling gold, diamonds, and silver in exchange for cash, Mike is the guy. Not only that, he also pays a $25 referral fee for each new customer.

Boomers Get out of the Black Hole of Not Working

MyMentorAdvisor helps two kinds of people: those who have knowledge and experience to share and those who want advice or mentorship from someone who has “been there, done that.” A relationship may be formal or casual, paid or gratis, in person or virtual.

If you’re retired or planning to retire, a stay-at-home parent, or unemployed and have a specific experience, talent, or skill you want to share, visit www.mymentoradvisor.com.

All of us at EldercareABCBlog want to thank Joy for her continued wisdom and  for sharing it with us here at EldercareABCBlog each month!