DIY: Furniture Makeovers for Elderly Loved Ones


by Joy Loverde

As family caregivers, we are used to focusing on how our aging parents and elderly loved ones are faring from day-to-day. Are they eating right? Do they need a ride to the grocery store? Would they like to go to the movies? We do what we can to keep them moving about and actively engaged in life.

My book, The Complete Eldercare Planner has a lot of ideas for making our aging parents’ home safe and sound. Adding to those important suggestions, I thought you might also enjoy reading about home-improvement ideas that will not only bring a smile to your elders’ faces; but you may thoroughly enjoy the creative process as well.

As I look around my Mom’s apartment, I notice that some of her old and tired furniture has seen better days and literally sucking the air out of the room if you know what I mean. Bookcases and coffee tables and nightstands scream out, “DO SOMETHING WITH ME!”  And I’m in heaven. I’ve been a “do-it-yourselfer” all my life, and I know that now is the time to inject life and joy into Mom’s everyday living environment.

Very often our aging parent’s belongings are in dire need of a refresh and furniture makeovers offer endless possibilities.  The following makeover ideas are inexpensive and yet priceless in terms of outcome.  After going online to DIY (Do It Yourself) websites, here’s what I found:

You can get this look with leftover wallpaper and a can of paint. Check out Apartment Therapy

Start with one forgotten bookcase; add high gloss paint; finish it off with books, plants and knick-knacks; and you’ve given an old piece of furniture new meaning and purpose. Here’s a how-to from Home Made Simple

How about transforming an old table with buttons? Simple and fun, you can put buttons on anything to dramatically change its looks. And why not invite Mom or Dad to join in the fun? Here’s the link to Crafty Crafty

I’ll be writing about many more DIY projects in my blogs. As a family caregiver, having a creative project in the works at all times is one of the many ways I keep sane when the going gets rough.