Dan Edelman: A Role Model for Successful Aging


Blog by Joy Loverde

Dan Edelman believed in himself. He respected his public relations company, his employees, and clients. He loved his family. Successfully aging people like Dan Edelman always do the right thing.

Observing Mr. Edelman from afar, I learned valuable life lessons about how to age successfully. Stories about his humble beginnings influenced me to be more grateful for all I have been given. Dan Edelman was thankful for the challenges he encountered along the way. The more successful he became the more compassion he displayed toward the human condition. This humble, loving man helped me to be a better person toward others.

According to Dan Edelman everyone on this earth matters and plays an important role in keeping the world informed and connected. Through his personal interactions with others I learned the value of responsible communication and social engagement. There is good reason why Edelman Public Relations is the most respected communication firm in the world.

Dan Edelman taught me about fearlessness and winning, and that living a life of no regrets and excuses were far more admirable lifetime goals than playing it safe.

I am especially inspired by his drive for perfection. His work ethic was founded on the principal of doing your best and nothing less, or else why bother? If it takes me hours to write a single paragraph then so be it.

Without a doubt, the greatest life lesson Dan Edelman bestowed upon me is resilience. As a long-time advocate of older adults, I have personally witnessed the impact of loss in old age -- physically and otherwise. Successful agers are resilient. Having lived over nine decades, Dan Edelman managed his lion’s share of losses with the dignity of a king.

Wherever you are right now, Mr. Edelman, I “hear” you loud and clear. I can feel your presence looking me in the eye and compassionately telling me to carry on and be all that I can be until my very last breath.  I will take your advice to heart. You are like no other, Mr. Edelman, and you will be forever missed.