Caregiving Heart and Soul Gift Giving – Part 3


by Joy Loverde

Caregiving, gift givingNow you’ve done it. You waited until the last minute to think about getting your aging parents a gift for the holidays. Plus, on top of everything else, money is tight (always!).  Take a look at “Heart and Soul Gift Giving Part 1” and see if you get any good ideas from that blog. And here are five more last-minute gift ideas.

1. Gift of Time. Every household has a least one storage space that is unorganized and stuffed to the max with underused and forgotten items. The gift of organizing and downsizing is one that’s very much appreciated by anyone, especially after the work is done. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to spend extra time together. Offer your services to de-clutter a closet, a bathroom drawer or under the kitchen sink. If you’re really energetic you might tackle the garage, basement or attic. Put on some holiday music and have fun together.

2. Letter of Thanks. Be prepared to get out the hankies. Writing a letter to parents is a sentimental gift they will cherish forever. You might start your letter by recalling the good old days and remind them of a pleasant childhood memory. Did they cheer you on and inspire you to do something worthwhile with your life? Have they motivated you in a special way? What valuable lessons in life did they teach you? What are some of life’s challenges that they have help you overcome? I guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house once they finish reading your letter.

3. Paper Shredder. Unfortunately identity theft is here to stay, and shredding documents that include account numbers, passwords, and membership codes will help keep the scammers away. You’ll find a variety of inexpensive floor and counter-top paper shredders at office supply stores and discount retail outlets.

4. Songs and Poetry. Ask your children to prepare a song or a special poem they wrote especially for their grandparents. On gift-exchanging day, video tape your child’s performance; then download it to your parents’ computer. This gift keeps on giving long after the holidays are over and will continue to remind your parents just how special they are

5. Memory Box. Turn mementos into a work of art. Chances are good that you’ve accumulated plenty of meaningful objects that can be used to create a collage for Mom and Dad. Photographs, birthday cards, baby bracelets, and small trinkets forgotten in a drawer can instead be displayed beautifully in a shadow box purchased at the local craft store.

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