Caregiving Heart and Soul Gift Giving – Part 2


by Joy Loverde

caregiving, gift-givingLast time I shared my gift-giving strategy for the elderly people in my life.  I shared that I like to honor them with the kinds of gifts that touch their hearts and souls, and give them something that leaves lasting impressions of the love I have for them. My goal is to give a gift that “speaks” to them when I am not there in person.

Here are more ideas for you to consider...

Buy a paper kite kit. Put the kite together, and hang it in a corner with a long tail of beautiful, colorful bows. A kite puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Setting the table just got more fun. Purchase brightly colored plastic dishes and drinking glasses, coordinating placemats, and a new set of flatware. Every time they sit down to eat they’ll be reminded of you.

Place bird feeders and birdbaths in visible locations around the yard, deck or patio, or attach a feeder to the outside of a picture window to make it easy for them to enjoy birding from their favorite chair.  Spend time discussing the different types of birds you are most likely to see. Purchase a bird reference guide to help identify each species.

The speediest way to give a bedroom a new look on the cheap is to wallpaper one wall. Instantly the room is transformed and offers a more pleasing environment.

A beautiful vase filled with an arrangement of silk flowers will bring happiness and a sense of the outdoors into any room, and also remind them of you. Silk flowers never die.

Color-by-number and finger painting kits can be an enjoyable way to spend time together. The fun continues when the final product is on display for all to admire.

Offer to organize their photograph collection. Buy new photo albums and photo boxes, and spend a few afternoons looking at the photos together as you put them in order.

Summerize a winter-weary window with café curtains in sunny stripes. Buy a tension rod and fabric of your choosing.  No needle and thread necessary. Iron on fusible bonding tape for a quick fix for making hems.

Change the knobs on a dresser or nightstand – instant chic.

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