Caregiving Heart and Soul Gift Giving – Part 1


by Joy Loverde

caregiving, gift givingOver the years the process of giving gifts to the elders in my life has become quite challenging. For one thing, aging parents and aunts and uncles among other elderly relatives undoubtedly have too much useless stuff, and I have no intention of adding to their already overloaded cluttered lifestyle. Besides, throwing money away on gifts that end up on a closet shelf is never a good idea.

There’s no question I’m not the only one who has been stumped over the years. Around the holiday season of gift-giving, I am often invited to be a guest on TV and radio programs to address the issue of gift-giving for aging parents and loved ones who already have “everything” and are difficult to buy for.  The issue is so widespread that I decided to devote several pages of gift-giving ideas in my book, The Complete Eldercare Planner.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I always have a creative project in the works at any given time. Like exercising and praying, doing something with my hands makes me a saner, calmer person. Painting and distressing furniture and doors is one of my favorite pastimes. Giving a room a new and fresh coat of paint also works wonders for the soul. I also like to sew up a storm. Then there’s covering an old table or picture frame with tile and mosaics. Get the picture? I’m keeping the hobby and craft stores in business.

My strategy for gift-giving to elderly people is to honor them with the kinds of gifts that touch their hearts and souls, and give them something that leaves lasting impressions of the love I have for them. My goal is to give a gift that “speaks” to them when I am not there in person. Here are a few ideas for you to consider...

Do you know an elderly person who lives in an assisted-living community? A colorless room can be depressing. An inexpensive way to brighten any bedroom and bring in as much color as possible is to buy a new bedspread. Every morning and evening your elder will think of you.

Colorful pictures can also liven up the walls. Visit the local art supply shop and purchase a stretched canvas on a wooden frame. Next, staple fabric of your choosing to the frame. You might want to change the fabric with the seasons. This gift is simple, beautiful, and inexpensive.

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