by Joy Loverde

If ever there was a worthy cause in the world of aging parents and loved ones, it’s the mission of fostering an elderly person’s dignity for as long as possible.  And, if you’ve been reading my blogs all along, you know that I will fight tooth and nail to facilitate one’s right to be the decision maker of his or her own destiny as long as safety and security are not at risk and no harm is done to the people for care about them.

As far as I am concerned dignity and independence go hand-in-hand. Recently I came into contact with someone I would like you to know about who obviously feels the same way. Her name is Deborah Murphy, and her business is called ADAMI which stands for Adaptability - Deborah A. Murphy, Inc. In 1994, as a student of Interior Design, one of Deborah’s residential projects assignments included designing housing. Years later, (2008) Deborah’s passion became a business and the worthy cause of adaptability took flight.

I love her mission state: “To provide well-designed and constructed housing for the disabled and senior communities in order to foster independence for everyone.” Despite any mobility limitations Deborah’s specialized process of design enables independence and mobility for all.

These days a lot of family caregivers are thinking about co-mingling families. So, let’s say you are one of those people who are about to ask Mom and Dad if they are interested in moving into your home. At the same time you may have questions and concerns about whether or not your home is “senior friendly” or will remain so in the future.

As an accomplished Project Manager, Deborah uses good communication and organizational skills to handle a job like this with ease. Deborah taps into her consultants and general contractors to enable you one-stop shopping.  She has the expertise to help you modify your existing home and to provide project management. Her scope of residential services includes:

  • Design Consultation - Producing design, budget and scope
  • Architectural Coordination - Hiring of consultant if required
  • Permitting - Following through local Municipality as necessary
  • Bidding - Producing bid package and clarification of General Contractors
  • Construction Management - Coordinating with client, consultants, and contractors

Living under one roof is stressful enough, and Deborah will take the pressure off you when it comes to aging-in-place renovations. Give her a call today.
Deborah Murphy

Adaptability - Deborah A. Murphy, Inc.
Streamwood, IL