What Seniors Want For The Holidays

By Hadas AbouafIt's that time of the year again, and once more, you're racking your brain on what to get for Grandma, an elderly holidays, elderly, senior helpaunt, or your nice neighbor who retired many years ago and who has a house full of "stuff." Let's face it- these days we all need to be frugal with our money, environmentally aware, and space conscious as to people's clutter. The following are some ideas on what to get for your elderly family and friends for the holidays-

- A box of herbal teas
- The recipient's favorite coffee
- A box of assorted greeting cards
- A box of assorted holiday cards
- A box of thank-you cards
- Fancy gift boxes and bags / wrapping paper
- Hand lotion / body lotion
- Great smelling soaps / shampoo

For those who are visually challenged-
- Large number telephone
- Large face wall clock
- Bedside clock with large numbers
- Magnifying glass (or several of them, one for each room used)
- Large print books

For pet owners-
- An appropriate supply of dog/cat food
- Bones, toys, new leash
- Pet insurance (if the cat or dog is no longer young)
- Pet bed

For the active senior-
- Cloth shopping bags
- Generic movie tickets, from the movie theater closest to the recipient's house
- Supermarket gift card

For everyone-
-Knitted items, such as sweater, scarves, gloves, pot holder
-Emergency radio (that works with power and without power) Slippers
-Home baked cookies / cake

And the most valuable gift of all is, your time. Be there to listen, be there to help, to hang a picture, go shopping or just play a board game. You will be remembered and appreciated for it.

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