Ways to make life easier for your parents II


By Rakesh Kharwar

Basic products that can help parents (continued)

Pill Organizer

Pill organizers: It becomes difficult for your parents to see the labels and names of medicines, and they also get confused as to which medicine to take and at what time. At sometimes, you may not be present to give them the medicines they need.

A pill organizer is the perfect solution to this problem. It has a number of small compartments with the days of the week and time given. All you have to do is keep the pills one day of the week and you are done. If there are difficulties in getting pill organizers you can make your own organizer by taking a box that has lots of compartments and keeping their medicines in different compartments.

Cordless Phone

Cordless phones: Imagine a scenario when your mother is in the bedroom resting and the phone rings, by the time she reaches the living room, the ringing stops. This must have happened several times with your parents. And when they do that, there are chances of tripping over something and falling. You can prevent all these scenarios by getting them cordless phones. You can also get them mobiles, but sometimes it becomes too complicated for aged parents to understand the technical functioning of mobile phones.


Bathroom mats, Bathroom stool, Bathroom mats: The bathroom is often the place where chances of slips and falls are more with regard to aged parents, so this is one area you have to secure against falls. Bring a bathroom mat that prevents slipping. Also keep a stool that has a medium height for your parents to sit and take bath. Add handles or bars for them to hold on to, in the bathroom.

Railings: When knees get weak and legs make it difficult to walk, then climbing stairs is really a tiresome job. In such cases all you can do is to assist your parents by putting up railings on the stairs. In case you live in buildings, ensure that your society is senior citizen friendly.

When you take care of these small things, you parents will really feel loved and cared for. It is like a small return gift for all that they have done for you.

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