Tips For the Elderly – How to Prevent Foodborne Illness When Shopping


By Angela Linton

In all stags of our lives, we need to be careful with our foods so at to prevent them from becoming contaminated. However, as we grow older and our immune systems become weaker, especially when we are faced with diseases and other health challenges, we need to be especially careful.

Therefore, with this in mind, these following suggestions are put forth so as to help in preventing foodborne illnesses.

Pack Separately

Always separate the meat from the rest of the items and do not put them in the top section of the cart, so that if any liquid drips from them, it will not go onto other things.

Additionally, keep things such as deodorant, toothpaste, soap etc., from the rest of the groceries.

The scent from these things can be transferred to the rest of the other things in the cart.

Label Bags

If you are using recyclable shopping bags to take your groceries home, instead of the store's plastic ones, it is best to label them. That is, write the word meat on the bag you will be using to carry meat in and fruits and vegetables on those you will be using for those and things along this line.

Yes, the same way in which you will be separating the items in the shopping cart, it is best to do the same thing with them when you are transporting them.

Additionally, by writing names on them, it will help to remind you as to which bag is for what and so forth and do not forget to put them in the wash very often.

Last Trip

Leave the choosing of the meat, fruits and vegetables for the very last. Yes, put these things into the cart, just before you head over to the checkout counter.

This will help to minimize the length of time that these foods are outside of the refrigerator or at the required temperature.

Use Plastic Bags

In many supermarkets around the world, in the produce section, there are plastic bags for shoppers to put these raw vegetables into. However, sometimes it may be tempting simply to put the produces "unwrapped," into the shopping cart, but do not give into that temptation, always use these bags.

On the other hand, if your usual shopping store does not supply these bags, it is best to walk with your own "see through" bags.

By using them, they will help to prevent anything that might have dripped into the shopping cart when it was used before and anything that you might put into the cart, from getting onto the produce.

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