Tips For Choosing A Senior Alarm


by: Kevin J Campbell

A senior alarm can be a potentially life saving device. It's something you hope you never have to use but is invaluable if you ever need it. Many older adults are at risk of falling. A senior alarm is an excellent product that they can use to protect themselves and ensure that help can be accessed at all times.

Some tips for choosing a senior alarm include:

1) Battery Back-up For Base Unit - Make sure the base unit has a battery backup if the power goes out. Although the power does not go out very often, it can be an especially risky situation for seniors as they are at higher risk of falling when lighting is poor.

2) Ease Of Use - Make sure both the base unit and wireless wristband/necklace is easy to use. Seniors will not wear and use the unit if they do not feel comfortable using it. It should be a simply design that just requires the user to push a button and talk.

3) Regularly Testing and Maintenance - The user should be able to test the device out so they know what will happen when they actually need the senior alarm services. For example, if they have fallen and unable to get to the phone to call 911. The user should test to make sure the base unit receives the wireless units signal from all parts of the house. In addition, regular maintenance should be part of the service providers regular plan. This should be a monthly test that ensures the device is working properly. The last thing you want is for the device not to work when you need it most.

4) Service Fees - Research the different service providers in your area to determine the best providers. Next, check the prices as they vary per provider. It is similar to a cell phone company as they can have different fees - monthly, contracts, no contracts, renting or buying the units and other packages.

5) Waterproof - Make sure the wireless unit the user wears is waterproof. The unit is only good if the user is having it available at all times as you cannot predict when you will need it. The best way to ensure this is wearing it at all times - day and night and in the shower. If you don't take it off, you will not forget to put it back on!

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