This Valentine’s Day – Put Together a Special Slideshow of Love in a Digital Frame for Your Love


What gives us joy when we think of a loved one on Valentine's Day? It's a good guess that we see our love through pictures in our 'mind's eye'. We remember the good times we've shared and the places we've been. And even more certainly, we hold the photos we have taken of those special times lovingly in our hands and close to our hearts. In this way, we can relive them over and over again.

But isn't Valentine's Day meant for sharing? And sharing with oneself is nothing more than an oxymoron. How better to show how you feel than to let your loved one know how precious those memories are to you. This Valentine's Day, give a gift of love that will keep on giving for years to come.

Imagine a dynamic slide show of photos of times you've shared together, perhaps accompanied by soft music in the background. A slide show that you lovingly put together with photos and music you've selected with your loved one in mind. Perhaps you could produce a slide show showing your first date up to the current time? Who wouldn't love that?

A digital photo frame is a gift that gives of itself over and over again. Each time you and your loved one see those photos come alive, your hearts swell with that same love you felt when you experienced those times together.

And digital frames are not just for photos! You can find inspirational quotes and love poems to display along with the photos. Anything that can be scanned can be saved as a JPEG and sent to a digital frame. There is no limit to the ways you can show your love.

Is your loved one far away? A wireless digital frame could be the perfect gift! Then the sharing can be created on Valentine's Day and spread out through the year. And digital photo frames come in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, there is sure to be just the perfect one for you to choose.

A digital frame, pre-loaded with photos is the most perfect gift for Valentine's Day. If you like, you can choose one that can also play music and videos. Digital frames that can function as alarm clocks can be an extra special gift...the gift of waking up to that loving slide show to begin each day anew with the proof of your special love.

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