The Importance of Regular Colorectal Cancer Screening


by Groshan Fabiola

Colorectal cancer is a serious disease that accounts for thousands of annual deaths among the American population. Although it can occur in people of all ages, this form of bowel cancer has the highest incidence in people with ages over 50. This year, colorectal cancer is estimated to affect around 150.000 people in the United States. An expected number of 50.000 people with colorectal cancer will eventually die from the disease.

The high annual prevalence of colorectal cancer among the American population and the increasing morbidity rate of patients diagnosed with this form of cancer are very disturbing. Despite these concerning estimates, doctors explain that colorectal cancer can be effectively overcome if it is timely discovered. In their opinion, the only problem is that people aren't properly informed about the risks of colorectal cancer and the existence of effective means for preventing its occurrence.

Statistics indicate that very few people who are at risk of developing colorectal cancer actually show up to regular examinations. Oncologists claim that in order to minimize the risk of colorectal cancer, all people with ages over 50 should get frequent examinations. Overweight people, regular smokers or people with internal disorders should begin frequent colorectal cancer screening prior to this age.

Oncologists explain that nowadays colorectal cancer can be timely diagnosed with the means of colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enemas, fecal immunochemical tests and fecal occult blood tests. With the help of these screening methods, doctors are able to reveal early signs of colorectal cancer, long before the disease can become life-threatening. These colorectal cancer screening methods can quickly spot the presence of malignant colonic polyps and tumors, allowing doctors to take early measures in preventing the development of complications.

Doctors state that early diagnosis of colorectal cancer maximizes the patients' chances of complete recovery from the disease. In the incipient stages of colorectal cancer, the disease can be effectively overcome either through the means of medication-treatments or through the means of surgical interventions. However, if the disease is discovered late, the patients' prognosis is very uncertain. Thus, all people at risk of developing colorectal cancer should pay regular visits to an oncologist in order to receive proper medical examinations.

The categories of people who should get regular screening for colorectal cancer are: people who have a family history of adenomatous polyposis, non-polyposis colon cancer, Gardner's syndrome or Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, people who suffer from obesity, people who have suffered recent surgery for colon cancer, physically inactive people and smokers. Doctors also recommend colorectal cancer screening for all people with ages over 50.

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  4. Being able to prevent this disease rather than treat it makes a huge difference. As a survivor of metastatic colon cancer to liver and lungs. I can tell you it is an easy sell. Check out our new campaign hat makes it fun to send the message. or join our public service announcement contest at Happy messaging!
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  6. Thanks for sharing this very informative article.
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