The Gift of an Ageless Now – A Space Where Caring and Self-Care Intersect


The genesis of an ageless and timeless future for yourself and those that you care for consists in your giving all to what is present, now.  By dwelling in the eternal now, you are biding in being and belonging - you become one with all that is - you belong as one with infinity and immortality.  In that moment, your time stands still and ageing is suspended.

But how does one make and take a moment to dwell in an ageless and timeless now? This now, the very now you find yourself in, is beautifully pregnant with your future. But how does one feel the hidden stirrings of their future from the present?  The intimate act of co-mingling in a dynamic relationship with your present and thus birthing your future can be achieved by passionately practicing these three acts of mindfulness meditation – the WWW of waiting, watching, and wondering.  Wait: really, why rush?  It’s a universal truth that all things change with time; so wait, be still, relax and what’s meant to be will be, just as it should.  Watch: really, what’s in a look?  It’s a fact of life that what you appreciate, appreciates; really looking at and into the eyes and heart of someone you care for is life-giving and love-making for you and for them.  Wonder:  really, why is wonder so inspiring?  It’s a given that all creativity starts with one’s capacity for wonder; be curious, wonder ‘what-if’ and get ready to be surprised by the awe and joy of discovery, it’ll be a moment that is awe-filled and wonderful.  When one fully engages the WWW-practice of mindfulness they stop doing and start becoming, now.

Use the WWW-practice to mindfully suspend the disbeliefs, judgments, thoughts and reactions that make up the meanderings of your everyday mind and create a mental spaciousness and clearing in the present for your future to be born in all its inevitability, purity, lucidity and glory. Mindfully living the present of your present is a passionate and revealing practice. It is an intentional intimacy with infinity and immortality. Once you receive the gracious gifts of a bountiful present, return them to the future by feeling gratitude for the now during your next encounter with the now.  Giving the gift of the now to those in your care intersects with your own self-care.  Dare to care, now, and an ageless and timeless future may just become a possibility for you and those in your care.

Dr. Dan McKinnon Ph. D. is an integral psychologist, a values consultant, a happiness coach, a creativity guru and a lifetime entrepreneur.  You can read more of his work at