The Best Gifts for Elderly Parents


By DJ Hughes

Are you looking for gifts for your elderly parents or grandparents? It can seem like a difficult thing to find just the right gift. True, some people are more difficult to buy for, but they are usually just picky and too particular. Generally speaking, gifts for the elderly are quite plentiful and not difficult to find; well, some of them.

There are some gender specific gift ideas to keep in mind and some people would love gifts that relate to their favourite hobbies and special interests. Do you know someone who loves to bake, or fish, craft or read? Do they have a love of travel, or Christmas, photos or birds, stamps, coins or movies? Knowing what they like can be the biggest help to knowing what to give the elderly as a gift, or for anyone else too, for that matter.

Now, if you'd like to consider something that may help them adapt to doing things easier as they age, consider magnifiers, audio books or books with large or giant print, games with larger pieces, puzzles with larger pieces. If you are looking for items like this specifically made for seniors, rather than the games and puzzles with large pieces made for children, you may have to look a little harder. See below for some help with that.

Have you considered older TV shows on DVD or old-time radio as gifts? You can find some wonderful old shows on DVD that the elderly might like. Shows like 'The Lucy Show', 'Beverly Hillbillies', 'The Walton's', 'Andy Williams', 'Red Skelton', and the list goes on.

Old Time Radio has some classics the elderly are sure to love as a gift and these are great for playing in the car, or at home and for sharing with many others too. Some of the classics on old-time radio are 'Sherlock Holmes', 'Bing Crosby', 'Bob Hope', the 'Twilight Zone', 'Perry Mason', the 'Orson Wells Collection', and that is only to name a few. So very many to choose from and these are great even for people that you wouldn't think would enjoy audio shows. They just aren't around anymore and it is like new entertainment all over again.

Another less common gift for the elderly would be sing along DVD's made for seniors. These can have some of the older tunes they don't hear often anymore and they can be enjoyed individually and with a group. Christmas sing alongs would be a wonderful gift at Christmas time for a family to sing together, or use for a Christmas party. There are sing alongs available that aren't exclusive to Christmas. Try some of the classics the elderly remember best.

The elderly do not tend to get enough exercise and some simply aren't capable of some exercises due to failing health and less agility. This is where chair exercises can be a great solution for the elderly. These are exercises they can do while sitting in a chair. Chair exercise DVD's can be found in a few places, or ordered online. The safety of being seated, reducing the risk of injury from falls, can be a great relief for seniors while they get a little active. Many elderly find these to be a lot of fun.

For quite general gifts you would like to give that can be well appreciated by just about anyone would be slippers, gloves, scarves, bibles, afghans and blankets, wallets, playing cards, coffee table books of interesting things or places, travel DVD's, music CD's, pyjamas, stationary for those who still love to write by hand, and magazines.

There you have a good handful of gifts for elderly parents to consider.

Written by DJ Hughes of Nursing Home Activities Resource. Providing information for caregivers to help them improve the quality of life for seniors and the elderly, with activities that entertain, stimulate, are therapeutic, promote interaction and health. Visit the website for items for the elderly that are difficult to find in stores.