Signs Of Hearing Loss For Seniors


None of us looks forward to our bodies responding in an unusual way. Sometimes, some people cry when they are frustrated, or scared, while some people sweat when they are nervous and while this is normal, we are not usually happy about it.

However, as we grow older and if we did not take care of our bodies when we were younger, we could expect some challenges in the future. Nevertheless, sometimes, we may do all that we could to care for ourselves, but genetic may kick in and we are faced with some challenges. However, sometimes, with good care, genetic could be delayed.

When it comes to hearing loss, this is a physical problem that we do not look forward to, however, the following are signs of this problem.

Loud Speaking

If we find that we are speaking a bit louder than others are or, louder that what the conversation or environment calls for, is not a good sign. Granted, sometimes we will need to speak louder, for example, if the radio is too hard, or, young children are playing.

However though, sometimes, we may not realise that we were talking loudly, but, if many people keep asking us to speak a bit quieter, or, asks us why we are talking so loud, we should not ignore them.


We could strain our ears and one way in which we know that we are doing so is when we are trying very hard to hear what someone is saying.

Oh course, if we are trying to hear a conversation that was not intended for us and the speakers are a bit away from us, we may not hear what is being said. Therefore, this is not a good judge as to this problem.

However, when we are talking with our friends, family, acquaintances etc. face to face and on the telephone and we are leaning forward, or, trying to put our ears closer to the speaker, all is not well.

Please Repeat

This is one of the major signs that we are faced with hearing loss and that is, we are constantly asking a speaker to repeat what he/she said. Of course, there are times when we would ask a speaker to repeat what he/she said and perhaps, this is an indication that there is some form of lost here.

However, this is normal, but if we are doing it on a regular basic and the other two signs are also present, then there may be more to it that the other person is not speaking loud enough for us to hear.

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