Senior Care – How To Prevent Depression in Seniors


By Tina Sherman

Stressful life experiences can affect people's well being and quality of life that is why it is very much important to prevent depression especially in seniors. Although not all of the senior population develops this condition it will still be fitting to help them prevent depression because as they say "prevention is better than cure".

Helping a senior prevent depression has a positive effect not only to them but also to you knowing that you are taking a step in helping them with healthy living, which in turn will make their remaining years still a happy time in their lives.

In order to help them in preventing depression you need to understand the reasons why some seniors experience depression; it would be much easier to help them if you know what you are dealing with and it will also give you an idea of when depression help might be needed.

Retirement from job can make somebody feel worthless especially if the senior's job has become "his life" for a long time. They may feel like the society has no use for their skills, knowledge or talent anymore with the fact that they would have to be replaced by younger and healthier individuals and unless they find another activity to keep them occupied, these feelings could progress to depression.

Insecurity over an illness, disability or impairment could make them feel vulnerable in public, thus they may tend to isolate themselves from the society. Losing a loved one is a sad event, and while it is normal to feel sadness over this occurrence prolonged sadness can turn to loneliness if the senior has poor coping mechanism so remember that this is the time they need support the most.

One of the things you can do to prevent depression in seniors is to help them in regaining their self-esteem by helping them discover hobbies or recreational activities. As the popular saying goes "no man can live as an island", so encourage them to see old friends or to meet new people. Getting them involved in organizations for senior citizens can also help them find another purpose in life.

Keeping them mentally and physically active can also help with boosting their self-esteem. Exercising lifts up a person's mood and playing memory games like solving puzzles decreases the possibility of the occurrence of memory loss. Along with exercising, eating with a proper diet will keep their bodies healthy thus see to eat that they are eating more fruits and vegetables.

Some prescribed medications like anti-hypertensive medications, a drug common among seniors also contribute to developing depression. Even medications for treatment of depression can worsen depression, but even though it is such this does not mean one must stop taking those medications, instead what you should do is to check for depression symptoms, which include either insomnia or oversleeping and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy among others.

These symptoms could be difficult to recognize in seniors as some people may think of them as a normal occurrence that comes with aging but if you do notice that your favorite senior is showing these signs then you might have to think of the possibility of seeking depression treatment from a professional.

Efforts to prevent depression in seniors can be more successful if you have others to assist you with this endeavor so get help from your family, friends and professional to help them cope with the challenges of their senior life.

Growing older certainly places lots of stress on the elderly which may or may not lead to depression. One of the things that causes stress on the elderly is making the big transition from working all those years to retirement, from being busy to doing nothing. There are many ways to deal with depression in seniors and for more details regarding this please visit Preventing Depression In Seniors. Regarding senior care you might also try out mobility aids to help you deal with mobility issues and for this you can head on to: Electric Lift Chair Store.

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