Selecting a Father's Day Gift For a Senior Dad


By Eleanor Strickland

Your father is now a senior citizen, Father's Day is on the horizon and you need to find a gift for dad.

These are a few suggestions:

Don't give him ties, shirts, pants, robes, coats, jackets, suits, belts, hats, pajamas, slippers or shoes. Sure, his clothes may be worn and out-of-style but he likes them. As a senior, your dad will probably just put them in the back of a chest or closet and never find it again.
Don't give him fragrances, shaving supplies, grooming kits. As a senior, your father already looks and smells as good as it gets.  
Don't give him tools. As a senior, your dad has more tools than he will ever need or use.

DO mow his grass, clean his garage, wash his car and take it in for servicing, clean his gutters, change his ceiling light bulbs, and do any other chore that your father seems to be neglecting. As a senior, your dad may feel pressured to do these chores even though he doesn't have the energy.
DO cook him a healthy home-cooked meal on Father's Day and at least once a week or once a month. As a senior, your dad (if living alone) may be cutting corners in buying groceries or cooking.
DO take him to a baseball game or go golfing, fishing or bowling with him. As a senior, your dad may have lost the friends with whom he once enjoyed these sports.
DO take him to a movie or rent a DVD of his choice, buy popcorn, and candy and enjoy the afternoon or evening laughing, crying, or screaming together. As a senior, your dad may just want to sit back and relax.
DO schedule his annual doctor's appointment. As a senior, your dad may be reluctant to see a doctor no matter how great his pain or misery.
DO ask him to make three wishes: things that he would like you to do for him or give to him. As a senior, your dad may not be accustomed to asking favors but, at this age, this could be a good exercise in learning to ask for help when he needs it.
DO check on him every day ... not just on Father's Day. Call or come by and make sure he is not ill or injured, that he is taking his medications and that he is not lonely or depressed. As a senior, your dad needs your attention. If you cannot do it personally, consider employing a professional service to do this for you.   On Father's Day, tell your dad you love him and show your love ... not with material things, but with your time and assistance.

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