Pros and Cons of Living Under the Same Roof With Your Elderly Parents


By Jared Wright

There will come a time when elderly parents won't be able to stay alone anymore. In many cultures, it is the responsibility of the children to make provision for their parents and it is expected that they will care for the parents. Taking care of elderly parents is a big responsibility and one that should be considered carefully. There are many joys in having your parents living with you, but there are also times when it might be difficult.

Pros of Having Elderly Parents Living with You

- You won't have to be concerned anymore that they are safe, eat properly and take the medication they might need.

- They can be a big help around the house. You are obviously not going to expect them to do physical tasks or chores, but they have wonderful patience with little ones and can be great story tellers or they might enjoy playing cards or board games with the children. You won't have to feel guilty anymore because you simply don't have the time or energy for this.

- Older people that are still of sound mind enjoy sharing their knowledge and can keep an eye over homework activities of school going children.

- Some older people that are still mobile enough actually enjoy cooking and if they offer and want to, allow them to do it once in a while. It should never become their responsibility, but it might give them a sense of worth and make them feel they are still needed.

- Those who were avid gardeners in their days might enjoy taking care of those poor potted plants that are crying for a bit of water and loving care.

- You will have more quality time with them, even though it might be for shorter times.

Cons of Elderly Parents Living with You

- Parents who are not financially strong might add an extra burden to your budget. If you are the only child it can become a problem, but if there are other siblings you should ask them to assist. It is not only your responsibility to look after your parents.

- If your elderly parents can't take care of themselves anymore you might need to get help in the form of a caregiver or other help in the house. This will also add financial strain.

- Unfortunately all older people are not easy to live with. This can cause stress and problems between you and your spouse or children.

- Parents that interfere with the way you run your house and discipline your children can become more of a burden than a joy.

- Your independence will be limited. Holidays, weekends away or even evenings out will have to be planned with them in mind. If they can't be left on their own for a while, you will need to get help or arrange for them to stay with someone else for the duration of the time that you will be away.

We are not all natural caregivers and in some instances it might be to everyone's benefit not to try and co-exist in the same house.

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