Panic Buttons For The Elderly


Panic Buttons for the elderly are available in many choices and with many features. Basically a panic button is an emergency button which can be pressed in case of an emergency, whether it be a fall, or heart attack. These panic buttons can be worn around the neck or as a bracelet.

Panic buttons can be one way or 2-way. A one way panic button for the elderly will work in one way only. The person in distress presses a button, which sends a signal. Usually this will place an emergency call to the numbers already programmed into the system.

Some companies allow 9 numbers to be programmed. Each of these 9 numbers will be called one after the other till a human is reached. In case you are wondering how a machine knows that a human has lifted the phone, then here is how it works. When a person takes the call, he is asked to enter in a number. If the number is entered correctly, then the system assumes that it is a live person and not an answering machine. Then the system will play the message for the person lifting the call.

In a 2-way system, a 2-way communication is established between the person in distress and the emergency alert service provider. This is why it is very important you choose a reliable service provider. It is well worth the few extra dollars spent per month, in return for quality service and response.

Some 2-way service providers will provide additional service. For example some alarm companies will pull up medical records of the patient to determine if he has any known medical issues. This ensures immediate service and can avoid a lot of hassle and frustration.

Panic buttons for the elderly can be worn as a bracelet, pendant or on the belt. They are usually water proof so there is no issues with the emergency alert systems getting spoiled due to moisture.

Some seniors refuse to wear any bracelet, either because they don't like the look, or they don't want others to know they have medical issues. Whatever the reason be, there is a nice way to get around this as well.

Nowadays, there are many medical alert devices which do not look like panic buttons for the elderly. You can get such units or you could buy additional units and place them at strategic places around the house. The senior can reach these when in need.

While Choosing a Panic Button it is recommended you keep a few pointers in mind. Feel free to add to this list as fits your requirement.
1. Cost
2. Service
3. Warranty
4. Contract
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