My Senior Mom Loves The Extra Independence She Enjoys Thanks To Her Reacher Grabber Tool


by: Kaye Swain

What do you do when you drop a small item in the bathroom and it rolls behind the toilet? Or perhaps you drop it in the kitchen and it skitters across the floor and into a tight spot under a table? As a fairly active member of the baby boomer generation, I promptly pop down on my knees (ok, some days I gingerly creak down), and stretch and strain and groan and moan and finally GRAB it! I then jump to my feet (or slowly grab onto something and rise up) and go on about my day.

My senior mom - not so much! She has a very hard time getting down on her knees and an even harder time getting up! My worst day of arthritis movement is close to her best day of anything. When she drops something, it's very difficult for her to get it. She lives with me, so that helps a lot. But what about those times I'm not there? Or, for that matter, what about those of us caring for elderly parents who don't live nearby?

After one such incident a few months ago, we put on our thinking caps and I did some checking online, as well as shopping at the local hardware store. Hooray! We found a great helping aid for all our senior parents. Not to mention all us aging baby boomers! In fact, my grandkids have even had fun using it. What is this snazzy handy tool, you might ask?

That was part of the research. Turns out this reaching helper has several names. It can be called a long reach grabber tool. Others are called a nifty nabber. Then there is the name - EZ reacher grabber. Or how about the long magnetic pickup (or pick up) tool! All I can say is, a reaching pick up tool by any other name is still a HUGE help to the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents, helping with grandkids, and having a hard time getting in those tough spots.

Our particular reacher grabber is about two feet long. I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten home and my senior mom proudly announced that she was able to get an item that she dropped without any help! If you could see her face, you'd know how thrilled she was to be able to maintain some of her independence thanks to this handy dandy little reacher grabber pick up tool!

She has a toilet paper stacker in her bathroom that holds four rolls. She sticks that nifty nabber down the center holes and it's always right where she needs it when she drops things. Her great-grandkids love to come visit and "help" grandma find things by using her nifty nabber, under her close supervision of course. And that thrills her to no end as well.

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