Minimizing Falls For the Aging Parents is Vital For Safe Independent Livin


Fear of falling can cause seniors to limit physical activity which makes them far more susceptible to falling and suffering injury. Reducing fall risk is an integral part of allowing seniors to live at home independently. Here are some ways to reduce the chance of falling around the home.

Good Lighting

Keep your home well lit so it's not necessary to stumble around in the dark. Use nightlights throughout the house and also maintain a flashlight in an easily accessible spot. Place a light next to your bed to help you turn on the light before you get up. Have a light or switch right next to the entry door so it's not necessary to walk into a dark house. Always turn the lights on at night or use a flashlight if needed so you won't trip and fall in the darkness.

Bathroom Safety

The bath room is among the most dangerous rooms in your home as far as falls are concerned because of the chance of slipping on wet surfaces. You can reduce the risk by applying non-slip strips in the tub and using a non-slip mat or rug on the floor. Have grab bars installed in the tub and near the toilet. You may even want to use a shower bench so you can sit while you shower.

Outdoor Safety

Reducing fall risk outside the house is important to consider as well. You can paint your pathway and outdoor patio with a sand and paint mixture that gives you better traction when it gets wet. Stay off the walkways when they are covered with snow and ice and have someone clear them as quickly as possible. Paint the steps and curb to warn you of their presence so you don't trip over them. Keep your walkway and entryway to your house well lit to help you always see where you stand walking. Make sure the path from your car to your house is free of debris, roots, plants, or anything else that could lead you to trip if you overlook it.

Interior Safety

Use common sense when working around your residence and no need to take risks. Always use a step stool and never stand on chairs or other shaky objects. It is best to keep supplies within easy reach so it's not necessary to climb for them. Get rid of clutter and ensure electrical cords and phone lines are not strung across the floor where they could trip you. Repair carpeting that has raised areas that could catch the toe of your shoe and remove area rugs unless they may be made to lie flat and not slip. Wear non skid shoes or socks when walking around your home and if you want a device like a cane or walker, use it at all times.

Health-related Safety

Suitable medical care is vital to lowering fall risk. Make sure you have the correct prescription for your eyeglasses to help you see possible dangers in your path. You shouldn't consume alcohol for the reason that it can make your balance unsteady. Should you choose experience lightheadedness, stay seated until it passes. Avoid rising quickly when sitting to prevent dizzy spells. Explain your own medical condition and medications with your doctor so he or she can help you avoid complications that increase your risk of falling. Be active to maintain strong bones and muscles so if you do fall, your risk of serious injury is lowered.

There are numerous steps you can take to stay safe in your home so you can maintain your independence for longer. Don't take risks. Reducing fall risk is easy to do and could prevent needless suffering or permanent injury. It's also important to think about what you will do in case of a fall. Possessing a home medical alert system in place can give you satisfaction because should you choose fall, you will get help at the push of a button.

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  3. Again, another great article. Thank you for these tips. I will make sure I put them to use.
  4. Great tips. One thing I do nightly to protect both my senior mom and myself is to keep the downstairs dining room light on. That gives her enough light to see if she has to get up at night, but not so much to bother her when she is sleeping. A big help for her and peace of mind for me.
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