Joy Loverde Suggests Lightening Your Load


Like most people I know, I keep a running list of tasks to accomplish during the week. It’s an informal list – nothing urgent. If I don’t get something done on my list one week, the task carries over to the next week. If the task never makes it to “completed” status, it’s not the end of the world.

The to-do items on my task list are mundane: organize photo albums; put winter coats in storage; and clean the barbeque grill. Nothing exciting. What they have in common, however, is the fact that once I complete the task, I feel good. Last year, I added a new task to my to-do list that has made me feel GREAT – and that word is “toss.”

So simple. So easy. Once a week I take a look around the house and find something that no longer serves a purpose in my life. Everything from a pair of earrings to an unused dining room table has found a new home. The item either goes in the trash or gets donated. I also give valuables and mementos to my daughter and grandchildren who are delighted to have something of mine to remember me by.

The word most associated with this discarding process is “downsizing.” But I see it as something much more than that. Getting rid of unwanted items needs to have a more positive spin. The act of tossing and giving items away is uplifting and freeing.  As my load gets lighter and lighter, I become less attached to my belongings and more focused on the real stuff of life.  I’ve also become less interested in accumulating new things. I buy what I need -- clothes, food, wine, travel, technology, Internet access.

Ever since I went into “toss mode,” friends and family are complaining that they no longer know what to buy me for my birthday. I just smile. I know exactly what I want. Buy me time with you. Let’s take a long walk along Lake Michigan. Let’s spend a rainy Sunday afternoon playing Banagrams. Let’s go on a road trip to Mississippi. Let’s volunteer together at a soup kitchen.

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Additional popular selling options are consignment shops, garage sales, and estate sales. Consignment shops are good for selling designer clothing, household furnishings, and decorative items.

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I hope I’ve inspired you to lighten up your load..