How to Keep Seniors Involved in Social Activities


by Margaret Dennison

Many seniors become introverted due to problems that can easily be resolved. They should be offered social activities that will keep them interested in life and emotionally healthy. One of the things that causes seniors to let social activity pass them by is an inability to hear properly.

They feel embarrassed when they have to keep asking people to repeat themselves, so they often simply pretend they can understand what is said. When this happens more embarrassment awaits them because they will either be required to answer and have no idea what to say, or they will find that they don't get a joke while others are laughing. They may even become paranoid about laughter, thinking that they are the butt of the joke. So getting hearing aids fitted may be all you need to do to encourage social activity.

Another problem with seniors and going out to social activity is that they have often suffer from a weak bladder. This means that the building they socialize in needs to have good amenities that are close by. Otherwise, they may fear that they won't make it in time. Incontinence could be the next step from a weak bladder, but even in this case, it is possible to get pads that will last for an hour or two.

If a senior has the chance to get out and enjoy a social gathering, then it should be encouraged. Where they go needs to have easy access with as few steps as possible. They may need to be driven to the place and helped inside - then be assured that you won't forget to pick them up.

Sometimes seniors lose contact with people they know and don't feel up to making friends with strangers. They may feel the loss of a spouse with whom they shared outings and social events. If another person can go with them until they have made good friends with some more people it will help them to feel comfortable. Most people don't like to go out on their own.

If your loved one is unable to go out easily, invite some friends in to play cards, bingo or just share a cuppa. If eyesight is a problem, you can get extra large bingo cards. They might even like to play snakes and ladders. Grandchildren are often fond of card games and will happily while away an hour playing with their Nan or Pop. Everyone needs some form of social activity and seniors, who are unable to do so many other things, need it even more.

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