How Senior Citizens Can Sharpen Their Brain


eldercare, elder health careSenior citizens can benefit very much from brain sharpening tips and techniques today!

In this article, I'm going to eliminate many of the false rumors on how to stretch ones mind and actually sharpen it. I will then go over some great options to help senior citizens as far as mind sharpening goes.

There are many misunderstandings about how brain training is best utilized. Too many programs today are insisting on how fun it is to train your brain. These programs provide crossword puzzle or colorful story problem type games. Unfortunately many of these programs do not provide enough stimulation to really affect neuron connection growth because they are aimed to much for entertainment.

Your brain, like any other muscle, requires real resistance stimulation to grow!

If you watch a body builder lifting weights, you realize that the goal of his lifting is to give his muscles actual resistance. The kind of resistance he has to work through, not resistance that's all about fun and entertainment.

If you are stimulating your mind, you should feel a stretch and some real struggle. It should not be an over-strenuous feeling but it should not be overly fun and creative either.

The goal should be the workout. Stay centered on the numbers and figures more than exciting visuals. The left brain work tends to need the most attention. You can spend five minutes or ten minutes daily to start improving your mind. Number memorization practice is one example mind exercises optimal for growth.

While there are many other exercises you can do to sharpen the mind, you must remember that the goal here is not to become smarter. The real goal is to get your brain to be able to work harder!

That is the key to brain training! Once you keep this in mind, you'll easily be able to spot out those false advertisements and mind workout programs.

I've been studying the brain and it's ability to grow through stimulation for the past five years. I've just explained the false aim of most of the brain training programs out their.

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I hope you've found this article helpful. Good luck with all your brain training endeavors!