How A Walk In Bathtub Can Enhance Your Work With Your Physical Therapy Patients


How A Walk In Bathtub Can Enhance Your Work With Your Physical Therapy Patients

As a physical therapist, you are always looking for ways to enhance the benefits of your work with your patients. Did you realize that walk in bathtubs can support the work you are doing? Here are some of the reasons for recommending a walk in bathtub with your patient is recovering from a stroke or physical injury.

Entering a walk in bathtub is much easier for someone who is recovering from a stroke or a physical injury. Because there is a door in the side of the tub, there's only a small threshold to step over. This makes bathing during recovery safe.

It has already been proven that bathing stimulates endorphin production. This is an excellent reason to encourage bathing during recovery. You can use this natural endorphin production to your advantage. When endorphin levels are higher, your patient is able to put out more effort because they perceive pain less intensely. The speed of the recovery is enhanced.

Encourage your patient to relax in a hot bath every day. Your patient will probably find it helpful to add Epsom salts and essential oils to the bath. Epsom salts help muscles remain relaxed, and the right essential oils ease pain and enhance relaxation. Tea tree oil and lavender oil are both famous for this ability.

If your patient installs a walk in bathtub equipped with hydrotherapy jets, the action of the jets can gently manipulate the muscles. This passive action also helps keep muscles from stiffening in becoming painful.

You are already aware that any form of exercise conducted in water is less stressful on the body. Because walk in bathtubs have a built-in seat, any exercise routines that you recommend can be performed in the buoyancy of water in between physical therapy sessions.

Exercising in a walk in tub can be better than exercising in a pool, because most pools are too cool to bring circulation to the joints. In fact, they do the opposite. Cool water drives blood away from the muscles. This can be useful after workout, but it's counterproductive before one. The warm water in a walk in bathtub almost instantly relaxes muscles and brings oxygenating blood flow. This not only makes exercise easier, it enhances the healing process.

As a physical therapist, you can be comfortable recommending the installation of a walk in bathtub in your client’s homes. It is an investment that will enhance their recovery, and for those who have to live with some level of disability after an accident or stroke, a walk in bathtub makes it safe to enjoy the relaxation only a bath can give you.

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