Heart Awareness Month


Healthy Heart - Things you can start doing today, to protect your heart !

February is heart month! The best time to protect your heart is starting today. This Valentine's Day love your own heart and open your heart to these steps:

1. Make sure your diet is low fat, salt and trans- fat free, (hydrogenated oils). Read both food label and ingredient list.

This starts with the trip to the grocery store, shop the outside lanes, first. Go to the produce section first, cook more at home, when dining out request the you meals are baked, broiled or sauteed with no oils or fats. Eat raw produce and get familiar with good and healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.

2. Exercise at list 30 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. If you want to lose weight, bump it up to an hour 5 to 6 days a week. Get a trainer or buddy to work out with you if motivation is stopping you.

3. Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoke.

4. Reduce stress, take 15 minutes of complete silence and exhale and inhale listening to yourself breathe. Add yoga or some form of relaxation to you week.

5. Get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. Health fairs in your local area sometime offer these test for free. Check with your local chamber office or hospital for details about health fairs in your area.

6. (Discuss this with your doctor or child's pediatrician) Get your child's cholesterol and blood pressure checked if they are overweight and/or athletic, if they consume fast food more than once a week. This includes most of the children living in today's society.

7. Children overweight should be exercising the same amount daily as an adult. (Five to six times a day for an hour).

8. Kids need to get active too, so have family time together and play ball, walk, ride bikes etc. This time is physical time, but does'nt count toward the exercise program you have for yourself and your child. This activity is family time. Also, prepare healthy meals together at least once a week.

9. Read books that offer self help and motivation toward a healthier lifestyle.

10. Please get at least 7 raw fruits and vegetables a day!

11. If you need consultation for a more detailed nutrition and fitness program call Teresa Hall, RD, LDN, 219-712-6253 or email hallofhealth@aol.com

Teresa Hall, RD, LDN, CD

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