Five Popular Hobbies That Appeal to Senior Citizens


By Connor R Sullivan

Jim was an outdoor enthusiast who particularly enjoyed boating whenever he could break away from work. He loved the freedom he felt being on the water and enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. One summer he whimsically purchased a sports canoe that turned out to be one of his favorite things to enjoy. He went about the task of outfitting it for safety and greater fun and was able to make it exactly what he wanted. In the process of doing that, he discovered that there were many items available that he never even knew existed that greatly increased his enjoyment when he went boating. Who knew there were so many accessories for a sports canoe? He looked at several kayak anchors before settling on just the right one and he also opted for the most expensive of the kayak leashes he discovered. He was a big believer that having the right equipment for any sport greatly increased both safety and enjoyment.

Like Jim, most of us have jobs that command our time and attention so participating in sports and hobbies can be a great form of relaxation. However, there is a tendency for people to slow down as they get older and sometimes they have to give up sports activities they enjoyed as younger people because they are too hard for them physically. The truth is that after a person retires it becomes increasingly necessary for them to pursue hobbies that allow them to connect with other people and to keep their mind sharp. Some leisure time activities that are appealing to older people are listed below:

• Scrapbooking: This has become very popular in the past few years and groups have sprung up around the country that meets regularly to work on pages for their scrapbooks and visit with friends. Many church groups have started clubs that meet in church classrooms where supplies are shared by all that participate in the hobby.

• Golfing: This has long been a favorite sport to participate in and because it is not as physically demanding as some sports, it can be enjoyed by a retiree as well. The game of golf can be shared with other people but it is equally fun to play alone and try to better your previous performance.

• Quilting: The piecing part of this hobby is something that is portable and can be enjoyed while watching television, riding in a car or waiting for an appointment. However, the actual quilting technique can be accomplished by oneself or around a quilting frame with a group of other quilters.

• Stamp collecting: This is a hobby that often starts in childhood and then is picked up later as a person ages. The stamps themselves have an artistic quality to them and are so varied in subject matter that they are never boring. This is a hobby where a person can spend as much or as little money on collecting them as they desire.

• Fishing: Spending time outdoors and around the water is something that a lot of senior citizens truly enjoy. The hobby of fishing satisfies the desire to accomplish something with very little effort and the fish that are caught makes for a tasty dinner.

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